The UK market stand out in the picture of Pangasius export in the first half of 2020

In the first 6 months of 2020, amid the whirlwind of the COVID-19 pandemic, the total value export pangasius to the UK market still increase by 7.3%. Is it true that after leaving the EU from the beginning of 2020, with more independence in terms of economy and society, Vietnam pangasius also became more active when exporting to this market?

On the bigger picture, the export of pangasius ‘faded’  by COVID-19 continues to rage in almost every major market. The export value of pangasius to the UK market reached 31.7 million USD, accounting for 4.7% of the total export value of pangasius to nearly 130 markets, increase 7.3% compared with the same period of last year. Can say that is the most positive growth in the top 10 of the biggest export market of pangasius Vietnam in the first half of this year. With this export value, if in the EU like last year, the UK surpassed the Netherlands as the largest importer in the region. In the past 5 years, export value to the UK market has always been in the top 5 largest markets in the EU.

Separately in June 2020, the export value of pangasius to the UK market reached 5.7 million USD, increased 15.2% compared with the same period of 2019. Whether this is not great growth but in a new context when left the EU and in COVID-19 pandemic makes upset most major economies, this is arguably not a slight impression.

According to updated statistics of ITC, in the first 5 months of this year, 91% of the total mass and 30% of the total value import pangasius of the UK from Vietnam. Besides importing pangasius from Vietnam directly, England also imports this product to Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Thailand markets. However, can see that the trend of 2020, England has gradually increased the import of frozen pangasius directly from Vietnam instead of importing through some ports or some intermediate markets in the EU as in previous years. Before, England often imports pangasius from some countries EU such as Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, or Poland.

In the first 5 months of this year, the average import pangasius price of England was also relatively stable, ranged from 2.98 – 3.98 USD/kg. This is the relatively satisfactory price in the first half of 2020.

If this optimistic export value continues to be stable in the coming quarters, then the growth rate of exporting pangasius to the UK – the fifth-largest export market is likely to increase by more than 10% this year.


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