The pangasius find a “swimming path” at the domestic market

In 6 months, the pangasius production reached 587.000 tons, reducing 13.5% compared with the same 2019. Up to June 2020, exporting pangasius reached about 660 million USD, reduced 30% compared with the same 2019.

According to The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, the Vietnam pangasius industry proud of exporting to 119 nations in the world. However, before the impact of the pandemic, produce activities, business, and export of this product is stagnant.

In the first 6 months of 2020, the production of pangasius reached 587.000 tons, reduced 13.5% compared with the same 2019. Up to June 2020, exporting pangasius reached about 660 million USD, reduced 30% compared with the same 2019.

Therefore, the Vietnam pangasius industry confirms that taking the domestic market as main to develop to overcome the world market after the pandemic.

The cosmetic market has a positive sign

The pangasius is typically the product of the Mekong River Delta area. In the past time, the pangasius is processed and exported of Vietnam enterprise to the world.

But before the impact of the pandemic, to this industry can maintain and deal after the pandemic, many the processed pangasius enterprises discuss to find the direction for the pangasius at the domestic market.

The Vietnam Association of Seafood and Exported Producers (VASEP) said that in recent days, there have many enterprises signed to consume pangasius products with Vietnam processed enterprise and bring to the supermarket system, collective kitchen…

For example, IDI company and Big C (Central Group); Massan Group and Nam Viet., JSC; Xuyen Viet company Big C (Central Group); Hung Ca company and Bac Ninh Agriculture Association.

Besides, there are many other enterprises that take part in connection to consume the pangasius product in the domestic market. According to Mr. Duong Thanh Chung, Director of Bac Ha Enterprise (Hanoi), the pangasius product and fillet pangasius at the Northern market are appreciated by the customer at a suitable price, easy to process, delicious, especially is boneless, soft, student-friendly should be favored by school cafeterias.

Therefore, Bac Ha factory connected, check and sign the contract to consume the first product with 25 tons with Nam Viet., JSC (Long Xuyen, Vietnam) pangasius, pangasius product. Besides that, Bac Ha also provides the pangasius product to the neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh…

The next time, the Bac Ha factory will continue to expand to neighboring provinces such as Nam Dinh, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho… At the same time, deploying pangasius products to the family dining table at the Northern as well as bring this product to the Central market.

Up to now, the Bac Ha factory has over 60 customers that are the enterprise, school, supermarket, military kitchen, industrial kitchen order, consumption the pangasius, and pangasius products, with the numbers about 100 tons/month. The estimated from now to last year reach 230 tons/month.

Mr. Phung Duc Tien, the Deputy of the Ministry Agricultural and Rural Development comment that promoting consume pangasius product in the domestic market is the way is promoted by the Ministry Agricultural and Rural Development, especially is the fishery product export activity situation in general; in which, the pangasius product having many difficulties due to the impact of the pandemic.

This is not only product with high nutrition, but also is the product have competitive price with many types of other food in daily meal.

In addition, the processing of produce pangasius in Vietnam is recognized to reach standards equivalent to the US catfish farming and processing process by the US Department of Agriculture.

This shows that this is a product that is controlled, ensured about the quality, the food hygiene standards of the world market.

In the future, besides promoting export, The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development associate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Industry Association create every condition in connection, support the enterprise, the supermarket, domestic distribution system to produce, allot, consume this product in the domestic market in order to the pangasius industry is not dependent and pressured in the export market.

Advertising the pangasius picture to foreign

Evaluating the fluctuations of exporting pangasius to the crumpy market, many enterprises said that the pandemic is not the core cause.

Because the pandemic occurs, but the other fish product of the nation still turns on, the strong competition with Vietnam pangasius product.

Typically, the Brazil tilapia market share increases 100% when importing to America; although the China tilapia had to pay 25% for tax, it was sharply increased, in particular, Vietnam pangasius to America reduced 25% in the first 6 months of this year, Mrs. Truong Thi Le Khanh, The Chairman of the Freshwater Fish Committee, Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vinh Hoan Group shared.

Especially, Mrs. Tran Thi Le Khanh, after the pandemic, Vietnam pangasius was “bravely to the sea” and “hurt” but Vietnam pangasius still overcome, Vietnam pangasius industry knows about the lesson risk management, about the variety of markets and products, but the whole industry is dragged into the stream of the market… instead of owning the game with the long project and take the initiative.

Talking about 2 biggest markets of pangasius are America and China, Mrs. Khanh said that, at China market, after the lunar new year 2020, the pandemic has broken out, in the first quarter of 2020, the export value of pangasius to this market was reduced 37.5% compared with the first quarter 2019.

From April 2020, the demand for consumption gradually recovered due to the suitable pangasius price for security storage requirements of food, and the restaurant chain also repaired.

About the American market, Mrs. Khanh said that Vietnam pangasius has pervaded to this market in 20 years, but the main consume channel still is Foodservice ( foodservice channel).

While the communication about pangasius all is absent. For example, through the check channel of the investor that concern to Vietnam pangasius industry, the identification of the consumer about Vietnam pangasius is too poor than the identification of tilapia, especially is the chef of the restaurant chain doesn’t recognize about 2 kinds of white meat fish.

Therefore, the Vietnam pangasius industry needs to combine with the importer that both rebuild the brand and methodical and long-term communication activities for pangasius.

The communication activity will help the customer recognize Vietnam pangasius in thousand products for sale at the supermarket to priority selection, not only for the pandemic season but also for its daily life.

Besides that, with the advertising of the Vietnam pangasius picture, the pangasius also has the plan of applying high technology in processing pangasius, to pangasius has product chains with high value.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development emphasized, the enterprise invests the technology in deep processing stages, create the product with high value such as food oil, collagen, gelatin… increasing added value for the pangasius such as Nam Viet Joint Stock Company.

Then, The enterprise created some steps forward in developing the chain of pangasius industry value, especially is a breakthrough in deep processing technology, take the initiative the fresh material source, varying the product from pangasius.

The pangasius industry is restructured by the enterprise toward to not only modern but also asserted role number one on the world market about supply the production as well as fresh product for the demand of international integration of Vietnamese agricultural products.

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