The bronze featherback fish model currency interest rate over 110 million VND/0,7ha

Evaluating the intensive bronze featherback fish farming model after 9 months deployed, initial results show positive results.

Cu Chi is a suburban district of Ho Chi Minh city (TP.HCM) that has an East canal water system flows all year, farming fish effectively, include to bronze featherback fish. This is one of kind of freshwater fish that has a high economic value, high meat quality, popular with the customer; At the same time, with simple technical nourish, less disease… is an advantage for farmer invest this model.

Applying these advantage conditions, the Ho Chi Minh city extension center deployed a demonstration model of intensive bronze featherback at Cu Chi district, with a scale 0,7ha/4 household, at some Thai My commune, Trung Lap Thuong, Trung An, and Phuoc Hiep commune.

This model is deployed from September/2019, up to now through 9 months, the Ho Chi Minh city extension center conducts a review, evaluates the model effectiveness.

The model is an applied method of intensive farming in earthen ponds, with the breed size from 8-9 cm/fish, density 5 fish/m2, used industrial food (protein 40%).

The result is the model achieved an average survival rate of near 60%, with growth speed and good adaptability. The weight of fish via 9 months of farming reach 500-600 grams/fish, with medium length from 34-36 cm/fish. The total production of the model reaches 8.700 kg fish, with medium price from 72.000-75.000 VND/kg, after deducting expenses, the model of average interest income reached more than 110 million VND/ 0.7 ha/4 households.

The result shows that a suitable model with water resources in the suburbs, for commercial bronze featherback fish production to ensure food safety and hygiene. The households participate in the comment that grows commercial bronze featherback fish in Cu Chi appropriate with geography condition, soil and this is a farming object appropriate with the market, big potential help the farmer utilize water surface to increase income, raise the economy, life is stable, contribute to building a new countryside at Cu Chi district.

However, through exchanging ideas of households take part in the model said that, in the beginning, a period of receiving breed, because the fish has high subdivision rate, so when feeding, the fish eat irregularly, the amount of food is lost; At the same time, during the transporting of the fish breed, fish put in a plastic container so when dropping to the pond, the fish be thermal shock, causing impact to live fish rate. Therefore, the households suggest that when transporting fish breed, the fish should be put in the bag, the farmer will soak the bag with water in 10-15 minutes and then drop the fish, it helps fish less thermal shock, reduces undergo some loss rate, help farming process more propitiously, more high effection.

Besides that, in the farming process, the household always keeps a close eye on the model, in addition to the basic techniques supported and advised by extension technicians, each household also has farming methods suitable to the effective model reach increasingly high. For example, the household of Mr. Hau said that at the begin of drop breed, the fish still small, but the pellets supported by extension workers are in large in size, the fish cannot eat too much, so he ground the bran very small to make the fish more efficient. About the household of Mr. Lan has another way is to bring bran to soak out and drop for fish eat…

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Gai Nho- Deputy Head of the Technical Department of Agricultural Extension Center Ho Chi Minh city acknowledges the suggestions of farmers and will learn from the experience for deployment models in the next years. According to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Gai Nho, the model in this year is more effective than the model is last years. This successful model, because this is a household, listens carefully about some issues by advice, the guidance of technicians; at the same time, because the households attentive care and keep a close eye on the model thoughtfully. The household should promote the model effectively and high spillover, help the farmer have demand for performing and scaling, contribute to improve economic efficiency, perform agroforestry and food safety programs in the city area in the period of 2016-2020.

Minh Hieu TTKN. Ho Chi Minh city

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