The 6th China-Zhanjiang International Fisheries Expo in 2019

The international fisheries export in China established on June 18-20 2019 at the Olympic sports center in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, China.

The Expo is established by the China Federation of Fisheries Industry and Trade, China Association of Aquatic Product Processing and Circulation and Zhanjiang Fisheries Import-Export Enterprises Association, Global Aquaculture Alliance, National Advertising Commission Zhanjiang International, Guangdong Fisheries Association and Zhanjiang Fisheries Chamber of Commerce co-organized.

Tram Giang has full of conditions and advantages to organizing an International fisheries expo. Tram Giang is a coastal city which near to ASEAN, is the bridge for Guangdong to enter the ASEAN market, the Geographical location clearly dominated, Radiation influence in the area is very large, moreover, Zhanjiang is also worthy of the “shrimp city of China”, an important hub of China for the source of shrimp goods, always located from mid to late June. is an important time for aquatic products, seafood (especially shrimp).

Picture1: The place to take expo (Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center) in 2019

In the program to promotion in 2019, VINAPA establish Fishery business delegation attended the fair including VINAPA ingredient, Dong Thap Fisheries Association, Hung Ca Company Limited, I.D.I Multinational Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, Hong Tam Assembly Hall, and Pangasius Farm with a total of 14 participants.VINAPA coordinated with the branch company limited liability Saigon tourist services in Can Tho to deploy the tour program to guide the delegation in Zhanjiang this time.

Picture2: Fishery business delegation attended the 2019 Zhanjiang fair

VINAPA receives the support of the organizers of the booths, hotels, receptions … as well as the thoughtful reception from the fair organizers, which are highly appreciated by Vietnamese enterprises. The support from the Organizing Committee has helped VINAPA and businesses have a favorable and successful business trip.

Picture3: Pavilion area of Vietnam Pangasius Association(VINAPA) participate in the expo at Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang International Seafood Fair in 2019 is evaluated with a big scale, the holding place more convenient, more pavilions, more the customer come to the fair. Vietnam enterprise also has chances to introduce the company, product, especially are agreements and agreements with Chinese business partners in the coming time. Besides that, the program works with customs and businesses to exchange many problems, information, policies for the promotion of aquatic products to Zhanjiang in particular, and China in general.

Picture4: The customer sightseeing the pavilion of VINAPA that participated in Zhanjiang

The delegation of Vietnamese businesses to Tram Giang participated in the exhibition was very warmly welcomed, attracting the attention of a large number of seafood importers in Tram Giang and neighboring provinces, especially the attention of the media local communication.

The international fisheries fair in Zhanjiang is diversity with full of fishery product, main promotions are shrimp, pangasia, shrimp, and pangasius processing equipment such as shrimp peeling machine, pangasius butterfly cutter, skin peeler, and export seafood packaging equipment.

Picture5: The pavilion of Vietnam enterprise took part in the expo at Zhanjiang

The exhibition was very successful. The 3-day exhibition has received more than 40,000 visitors in total and is expected to have sales of 28 billion yuan, an increase of about 21% from 2018. With more than 700 exhibitors and more than 4,000 people purchased from more than 30 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) from the United States, Ecuador, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan, Iran, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions. Influential service experts from home and abroad have come to the conference. The company displayed its latest products and technologies and showed a good corporate image. Buyers also gain a sense of cooperation and a high rate of cooperation with their target companies.

Picture6: The overall space of the expo in Zhanjiang

To make a highlight for the brand characteristics of the gourmet capital of Zhanjiang, or expand the impact of  Zhanjiang fishery industry and Zhanjiang Chinese cuisine in China enters this industry. The exhibition of this year holds a ” buffet party for the people who interest in China seafood” lasted 2 days, using many Zhanjiang-specific raw materials to produce, to give all guests a real Zhanjiang specialty. Let friends at home and abroad feel the sophistication of “color, aroma, flavor, beauty” of cuisine and polish the culinary brand of Chinese seafood cuisine.

Picture7: The chef introduces Zhanjiang seafood at the buffet party
Picture 8: The seafood buffet party occurred 2 days 18-19/06/2019 at the exhibition

This expo fair supplied the base to purchase and sale concentrated for the enterprise in and out of the country.  To promote the role of the trade bridge of the expo fair, the expo fair achieved some following breakthroughs:

Firstly, the scale is expanded. This expo fair hold in the new exhibition hall of the Olympic Sports Center. The exhibition area and the numbers of the pavilion increase twice compared with last year.

Secondly, internationalization is occurring strongly. The foreign exhibitor mainly from some nations and the area such as ASEAN, Asia, America, South America. This year, Japan, Iran, and other nations and Hongkong participated. The old customer such as Vietnam and India increase the number of attendees and increase booth space. In addition, there are also foreign fisheries associations organizing their members to participate in the exhibition.

Thirdly, exhibiting products are more diverse. Besides traditional shrimp and tilapia, the expo also extra some new companies such as sea cucumbers, cockles, snail basa fish. This thing supply for the buyer has many choices to buy and beneficial for satisfying the shopping needs of buyers.

Fourthly, the organizers invited retailers of the large retail market group and the customer of enterprise chain to serves to organize a special matchmaking match for shrimp, sea cucumber, and basa fish for better production and sale with logistics service and processing plant linkage. Reaching the supply chain from the beginning to the end with the quality products can better serve for the last customer.

Fifthly, the media for the event is more expanded. Under the wide publicity of national, provincial, and municipal mainstream media and professional communication of the aquaculture industry, it has contributed to Zhanjiang and even the Chinese seafood industry in trade with the world.

Zhanjiang trip, on the one hand, conducted a survey about the demand and trend of the consumer of people at the local, learned about the import business, processing fishery product with the partner; on the other hand, create the opportunity to connect B2B seafood enterprises between Vietnam and China.

Seafood demand in the Chinese market in general, Zhanjiang market, in particular, is in short supply, the seafood supply in domestic is not enough for the demand consumption of people at the local. Therefore, the import of Vietnam seafood has confirmed to be a long-term strategic trend, especially is a high-quality seafood product.

Source: VINAPA

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