Stop eating parrotfish

Each parrotfish adult discharged 320kg of soft sand a year on average. We have many things to eat, stop eating parrotfish!

Recently, the Vietnamese seafood market begins for sale colorful parrotfishes caught from nature. With the gourmet, fish caught from the sea always more popular than farming fish, so the amount of parrotfish is reducing.

Parrotfish take 90% of the time in the day to eat dead corals, make clean, helps coral reefs to grow better. Each adult parrotfish discharged 320kg of soft sand. When not enough parrotfish and other marine plant-eating fish, all of the coral reef on the tropical sea area is being blurred by the algae.

Great Barrier Reef Coral is the biggest reef in the world in Australia was destroyed 67% in 2016, over 2300 km coastal coral reef, there was 1500 km bleached. Up to 2017, there was 93% coral reef destroyed. The expert predicts that in the next 1 decade Great Barrier Reef will completely disappear.

Parrotfish is the largest herbivorous fish in the Atlantic Ocean with 80 species. They have a small size from  30cm to over 120cm, living around the tropical coral reef at oceans on the world.

With the gourmet, fish caught from the sea always more popular than farming fish, so the amount of parrotfish is reducing.

The coral is a favorite food in their menu, the parrotfish usually eat the algae born from broken leveling blocks from one coral reef. Parrotfish crush the corals with their strong teeth. Parrotfish take 90% time in the day to eat. After eating, they discharged out soft sand. Each adult parrotfish can create 320kg sand per year, this is a very good source of minerals for newly formed and developed corals. Most of the sand in this fish’s habitat is actually indigestible coral debris that they release. There have a new report concluded that the coral reefs that had a large population of parrotfish in the 1980s are the healthiest ones available today.

Parrotfish is famous with the ability to change shape, color, and even sex in the whole life cycle, they have so many highlights that the scientist still has no answer. Parrotfish can change constantly changing gender throughout their life, even color and shape are no exception. So you have not to surprise if you wake up in the morning, “lady” beautiful fish in the tank turn into the original male or opposite. The change in sexual has both male and female fish or even the “juvenile” fish. If the male parrotfish lead dies, their partner will change sex to male and continue to maintain the leading position.

Some parrotfish sleeping at night, they wrap themselves in a transparent cocoon made of mucus secreted from the organ above their head. The expert said that this cocoon has use as a mask help to hide they’re fragrant from night hunters such as eel fish and make them harder to detect.

The numbers of parrotfish on the global exhausted due to catch and loss habitat, recently the community together share, propaganda to limit to eat parrotfish. Stop eating parrotfish, just not eating it will contribute to the regeneration of the marine environment.

Pham Duy

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