Price of the black snakehead was sharply increased

In the recent one month, the farmers raising commercial snakehead in Tay Ninh province is very glad since its price was sharply increased after a long time dropping.

Affected by the pandemic, especial is the Circular No. 15 of the Government on social isolation, the price of commercial black snakehead was deeply declined due to a strong decrease of the demand, this pushed the farmers into a difficult situation; At some time, the price dropped to only 25,000 VND/kg so the farmers lost from 5,000 ~ 8,000 VND/kg.

When social isolation is eased from the middle of May, the demand was increased back, the price of the fisheries is going up along, one of them is the commercial black snakehead.

The farmers harvest black snakehead

Currently, the commercial black snakehead in Tay Ninh province is bought by the trader at 34,000 ~ 35,000 VND/kg, the price is expected to go up continuously in the next days.

According to some small businesses, the harvest season in Mekong Delta is ended so the supply is less and less, thereby they expend buying from the provinces of the South East as Tay Ninh, Dong Nai. The supply at the moment is not enough for the demand so its price continuously increases.

Vu Nguyet/ Tay Ninh newspaper

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