Needing connect in the profession of pangasius farming

The development of the chain of the fish industry towards closed-loop as today by the Vietnam Pangasius Association called is ” the reverse development in the chain”, instead of developing integration along the chain to develop markets, competition in foreign, the fish industry integrate back in the chain. The enterprise of processing pangasius export racing to expand the farming area region, the factory to produce food, increasing competition in domestic.

These happenings lead to narrow the market at foreign, increase competition in domestic, decrease the profit in all Pangasius industry chains, debilitate resources, increase conflicts, and the enterprise comeback to blame in domestic.

The Pangasius experts said that nowadays the produce connection of pangasius farming households with the processing enterprise is still indifferent, many inadequacies. Recently, the enterprise has not signed the first crop contract with the farmers, but only the principal contract for reference, until buying fish of the farmer, the new enterprise signed a contract with specific prices. However, this contract has signed vaguely when the dispute occurs, it is not legally and often detrimental to the people.

The reality showed that pangasius households today still exist some of the households that have large scale, economic potential, and connect with the export processing enterprises. However, with the lower position, the pangasius households have already difficult, they must continue facing more challenges in the production and development journey, especially is the output stability issue for the pangasius materials, and negotiate about the price with the processing enterprises.

In order for the independent pangasius farmer to continue to stay with the profession and develop solidly the next time, according to an agricultural expert in Tien Giang, the important solution has given that is the pangasius farming household must control the price better. At the same time, building a sustainable connection between four places “the fish farming household, the factory to produce food, the bank, the factory to processing export” to share the risk together and the profit in the production chain and consume pangasius.

On the other hand, the government needs to control closely the quality of breed, promote the replacement schedule of parent pangasius to create the breed with high quality, no disease, increasing resistance; set a price to buy pangasius material soonly.

(According to KHPT)

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