Japan increase import shrimp from India

According to the World Trade Center(ITC), in the first 4 months of this year, importing shrimp into Japan reached 638 million USD, reduced 0.5% compared with the same last year. Japan is one of the Asian countries that earliest impacted by the Covid-19 so the demand import shrimp of this market also impacted from this pandemic. In the top 5 of the main shrimp supply for Japan, importing into Japan from India is the strongest increase, importing from Vietnam, China lightly increases, at the same time, importing from Thailand, Indonesia reduces.

According to ITC, in the first 4 months of this year, Vietnam is the biggest supply shrimp for Japan, account for 26.5% of the total import shrimp value in this country. Thailand is the second rank that accounts for 16.7% and then is Indonesia with 15.8% and India with 12.2%. The import shrimp price from Vietnam and Thailand is highest, the turn is 11USD/kg and 11.25 USD/kg. In the top main supplier, Vietnam has to compete about the price with the other supplier on this market (Indonesia: 10.25 USD/kg, India: 8.96 USD/kg…).

About material shrimp (HS 030617), the import tax to Japan with shrimp of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India is 0%, import tax with shrimp of Argentina and China are 1%. Before benefiting from the trade agreements between Vietnam and Japan, shrimp products HS160521 and 160529 from Vietnam to Japan are subject to tax 1.08% and 1.42% respectively.

Noticing, in the top of the main supply, importing shrimp in Japan from India in the first 4 months of this year increased 19%. In the first 4 months, Japan has reduced the frequency of sampling for black tiger shrimp imported into Japan from India from 100% to 30% because the inspection no longer found furazolidone in shrimp batches from India. Up to now, Japan consumes near 40% of the total export tiger shrimp of India. Therefore, Vietnam shrimp has to compete with India shrimp on this market.

The average price of shrimp imports into Japan from January to April in 2020 (Price: USD/kg, Source: ITC)
Supply January February March April
The world 9.86 10 10 10
Vietnam 11 11 11 11
Thailand 11 11 11 12
Indonesia 11 10 10 10
India 8.86 8.82 9.31 8.85
China 6.45 6.63 7.62 7.11
Argentina 7.9 7.84 8.81 12
Russia 15 13 13 13


Importing shrimp of Japan (Value: thousand USD, Source: ITC)
Supply January-April in 2019 January- April in 2020 Increase, Decrease (%)
The world 641.290 637.984 -0.5
Vietnam 166.479 169.538 1.8
Thailand 124.396 106.757 -14.2
Indonesia 102.636 101.312 -1.3
India 65.430 77.936 19.1
China 26.504 27.578 4.1
Argentina 49.918 40.998 -17.9
Russia 13.255 24.613 85.7

According to Vietnam Customs, Japan is the biggest import market of Vietnam, accounts for 21% of the total export shrimp value of Vietnam to the markets. In the first 4 months in 2020, exporting shrimp Vietnam to Japan reached 180.5 million USD, increased 11% compared with the same 2019. In the first 4 months of this year, exporting shrimp from Vietnam to Japan strongly increased in February with 63.2% and April with 19%, exporting in January and March are slightly reduced.

In many years, Vietnam still maintains no.1 about supply shrimp to Japan due to the advantage of other supplies on the Japanese market. Free Trade Agreement between ASEAN and Japan (ACJEP) enforced from December 1st,2008 and a Bilateral free trade agreement between ASEAN and Japan (VJEPA) enforced from October 1st,2009 that create a good condition about tariffs for fishery export from Vietnam to Japan. Exporting shrimp to Japan more favorable when the CPTPP takes effect from January 2019.

In 2020 is evaluated that is the second year the economy of Japan’s low growth, real GDP of Japan economic estimated that will grow 0.49% in the fiscal year from April in 2020. Trade tensions with South Korea, political developments in the US continue to affect the Japanese economy. It is unlikely that Japan will increase the demand for seafood, including shrimp. In 2020, it is expected that Vietnam’s shrimp exports to Japan will not increase.

According to vasep.com.vn

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