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Application consulted by leading experts.

24/7 Support

The technical staffs answer questions 24/7.

Link the parties

Linking from Farmers- Traders- Aquafeed company.
The story of us

We are pioneer

Poseidon is a pioneer company in the field of integrated farm game for managing books and figures. The strength of Poseidon is understanding the farming process, industry-specific, as well as the expertise about the information technology industry with data management experience, will help users get a sense of practical experience between work and entertainment.

The way we work

Your farm - In your hand

Advice and Trial

The technical staff go to your place to advise, create a trial account in 15 days, and detail guide for the user.

Install and Payment

When the trial time is over. If the customer wants to maintain use, they can choose an app pack of us to continue to use.


Customers will experience the feeling of managing their farm as easily as a game.

Our Product

New style management

is easy and enjoyable

Potechco is a product, the idea from forgetting oneself in the work of Poseidon young staff. We know farmer difficulty in farm management, this is the motive power to us that create Potechco – management application combines with the game.



Friendly interface, multi-platform

The application is developed in multi-platform, is combined between professional management and game interface to user approach easily.

The outline System

With the outline system to feed and medicine proposed by experts that will help increase productivity.

Watching report easily

The system that reports expenses, proceeds, profits are shown in the form of a diagram. It is easy to watch and ensure enough detail.

Spacious linking

The application helps combine between farmer, purchase, food company, medicine, create a supply and closed consumption chains.












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Pricing Plans

With various packages, suitable for scale and demand of customers

Farmer household Landlord Small-sized enterprise Medium-sized enterprise Large-sized enterprise
Package 598,000 799,000 1,399,000 1,999,000 3,999,000
Discounted price 299,000 399,000 699,000 999,000 1,999,000
Deployment support (Date) 1 2 5 15 20
Number of ponds 1 5 10 15 Unlimited
Number of accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Trial support (Date) 7 15 15 20 30
Technical support
Support for finding output
Support via phone
Interactive support 24/7
Limited functions
Input support
Additional input of old data
Inventory management
Cost management
Salary management
Fish farming management
Fish trial sell
Profit report
Treatment regimen
Fish market

What does the customer say

about us?

FAQ: Common question

What is Potechco?

Potechco is a multi-platform application in the management field, but the difference is Pofarm combine with the game interface, it helps the user management data through some manipulation on a game background.

What the function of Potechco?

Potechco has a full of the function of management software consist of

– Work management

– Warehouse management

– The outline system of food, cure disease.

– Figures and report management

In addition, Potechco also has a minigame system attached to the software.

How to use Potechco?

To become a user of Potechco, you can perform through some way below:

– Using live chat via Zalo or Facebook on website

– Contacting via phone number: 09151556560- Thông

– Sending email: contact@potechco.com or thong.doan@potechco.com, nhat.nguyen@potechco.com

– Contacting via the contact form available at the website


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