Fishermen set sail in a hurry

TSVN) – Currently, the weather is favorable, fishermen in coastal provinces and cities across the country are busy preparing for a long sea trip. These are the first sea trips of a new year so the fishermen hope for a favorable harvest season under good weather and full of fish and shrimp.

Picking bud at the beginning of the year

In the past few days, hundreds of fishing boats of Quang Ngai fishermen who fishing during Tet in Hoang Sa and Truong Sa fishing ground hastily dock at the port to sell their fish to traders. Shipmaster Do Du, living in Nghia Phu commune, Quang Ngai city, said: “Both fishing and the price are good, so the fishermen are all excited. We catch more than 4 tons of cutlassfish in this trip so we earn several hundred million dongs after deducting cost”.

Coming back after 20 days floating on Hoang Sa fishing ground, fisherman Dang Hung, in Nghia An commune, Quang Ngai city said, 7 fishermen in the boat caught 4 tons of Exocoetidae. Its current price fluctuates from 60,000 to 70,000 VND/ kg, he earns more than 200 million VND. Mr. Van Duc Trai (in Quang Ngai province), the captain of the ship QNg 98308 TS also just docked at the port after a Tet holiday in the sea, excitedly said: “With the voyage at the beginning of this year, 10 people on the ship share the profit of nearly 150 million dongs and go back to their hometown enjoying a late Tet holiday with family. After the moon season, they continue to go to sea”.

Quang Nam province in these days, many fishing boats full of “sea buds” are returning or departing hastily at fishing wharfs such as An Luong, Binh Minh, Cam Ha, etc. The fishermen shared, each boat caught 4-5 tons of seafood this time. The favorable weather promises a year of good fortune. After Tet, the price of seafood is usually higher than usual, consumption is also stable, making the fishing village happy. Each boat with 4-5 employees earns about 30-40 million VND after deducting cost.

Bustle in the fishing port

According to many experienced fishermen, the sea has many streams of shrimp and fish after Tet; Also, shrimp and fish sold twice as much as usual in the fish markets so this was an opportunity for fishermen to have a higher income than any other occasion. On the other hand, the first sea voyage is very important to fishermen. Not only to pray for a year of favorable weather, quiet sea, catching a lot of shrimp and fish, but also a wish for a peaceful return. The positive working attitude in the coastal villages in the early spring days shows good signs of fishing activities in 2021.

In Tho Quang locks and fishing ports, Da Nang city, hundreds of ships and boats are preparing to put out to the sea, the working atmosphere is extremely urgent, bustling. Many fishing boats are checking machinery, fishing nets and preparing to worship at the wharf. Fisherman Tran Giau in Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province said, this is his first sea trip in the new year with 12 co-workers within a month. For him, this sea trip has great significance, a lucky start for the whole year. “I wish to catch more fish and shrimp than last year to increase family income. I am preparing oil, ice, food for ten people living in 1 month” – shared Mr. Tran Giau.

Fisherman Nguyen Van Binh, the owner of a fishing boat in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province is checking the equipment and fishing net on the boat. Under the cabin, the fishermen urgently load seafood to sell to traders. With nearly 30 years of experience at sea, favorable weather at the beginning of the year, fishermen Binh and his boat friends are going to go straight to the sea. Mr. Binh confided that this voyage takes him only about 7-8 days, so the preparation of fishing tools as well as food is not much. “Last year, the impact of two outbreaks of COVID-19, storm, and flood waste us half a year, we met a lot of difficulties. The weather is favorable in early this year, so we try to cling on the sea to compensate for the previous year “- added Binh.

In the sunny midday, fishermen Vo Hung in Quang Ngai province and crew are loading goods onto the ship. His ship carries 3,000 liters of oil, 800 ice, noodles, rice, and many other necessities. He said: “One trip takes us half a month, so we have to prepare everything necessary.” In front of the ship, Mr. Hung worships to hope for a favorable new year with a lot of seafood.

After enjoying Tan Suu Lunar New Year with family, from the 4th day of the lunar calendar up to now, hundreds of fishermen’s fishing boats in Tra Vinh province urgently put out to the sea with the hope for a good fishing season in 2021. At Dinh An fishing port, Dinh An town, Tra Cu district, we have witnessed the urgency and excitement of fishermen. Mr. Trang Van Ngao, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dinh An town, happily said: “Fishermen clung on the sea Before Tet having effective exploitation so they are very excited; as usual, on the 4th day of the Lunar New Year, many fishermen in Dinh An fishing village started to exploit seafood to desire a favorable rainy and windy season, peaceful sea and catch a lot of shrimp and fish”.

Safe and effective exploitation

Safe and effective exploitation

Under the current favorable weather, most ships and boats in Da Nang have completed the sailing procedures; a few ships are continuing to prepare for setting sail within one or two coming days. The fishermen take advantage of fishing to have more income, improve their family living conditions, they also want to contribute to the protection of our country’s sovereignty on sea and islands.

Tho Quang locks and fishing ports have more than 1,000 ships, boats anchored and most of them departed already at the beginning of the year. Mr. Nguyen Lai, Deputy Director of the Management Unit of Tho Quang locks and fishing ports said, to facilitate fishermen confidently putting out to the sea in early spring, they have also enhanced morale, responsibility supporting ships, to ensure smooth circulation. The boat owners here all comply with the installation of equipment to monitor fishing vessels, ensure against IUU fishing, protect ships and fishermen in many situations of offshore fishing. Mr. Nguyen Lai said: “This equipment is to facilitate the fishermen’s observations from the boat owners at home as well as the management agency and government of the fishing captain at sea. It also helps them to know their fishing position as well as to support and help each other in the process of exploiting at sea. Since then, local people exploit fish responsibly and sustainably.



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