Continuing to support the pangasius breed 3 levels

An Giang is a leading province in changing the structure of farming pangasius. The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development will continue to support the investment of infrastructure for a 3-level pangasius chain.

In the last weekend, the mission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development by The deputy- Phùng Đức Tiến lead that working with An Giang province to discuss the method to connect production-consumption the domestic pangasius product and export.

The chain of pangasius breed with 3 levels

Mr. Nguyen Si Lam, the Director of the An Giang Department of Agricultural and Rural Development, said: Up to now, An Giang has an acreage of water surface of farming material pangasius is 1.226 ha. The acreage of farming pangasius in accordance with the quality standards reach 477 ha, accounting for 39% ( ASC standard 91ha, VietGAP standard reach 386 ha), the production is 148.000 tons/year.

Thứ trưởng Phùng Đức Tiến phát biểu tại hội nghị. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

The Deputy Phung Duc Tien spoke at the conference.

The province deployed and established the chain of linking produce pangasius breed with 3 levels with elements composed of Research Institute for Aquaculture II (level 1), Center of Aquatic Breeds, and satellite facilities producing pangasius (level 2) and level 3 are pangasius hatcheries.

The chains of linking pangasius breed with 3 levels produced 12 billion alevins and 1,2 billion pangasius breed that have access to the origin. The quality of alevin is better than alevin that produced outside the chain of linking such as agile operation, bigger size, the living rate of 15 days old fish is higher…

However, due to the impact of the pandemic so export face many difficulties, effecting pangasius production. The price of commercial pangasius only has 17.500-18.500 dongs/kilogram, reducing 5.000-10.000dongs/kilogram. This is the lowest price in 5 years, the farmer lost, many farming households stopped to produce or change other objects.

Thứ trưởng giới thiệu sản phẩm cá tra tại ĐBSCL cho các DN phía Bắc. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

The Deputy introduces pangasius products in the Mekong River Delta for the Northern enterprise.

An Giang offers with the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development that continuing to support the scheme of linking produce pangasius breed 3 levels with high technology in the Mekong River Delta and continuing to implement to gradually replace genetic improved pangasius parents. Supporting the investment to perform the first investment project in Project of 3-level pangasius such as: Investing in upgrading the center of high-quality pangasius in An Giang province, including 2 components. Component 1, upgrading high-quality pangasius breeding center. Component 2, invest in genetic laboratories to select a fish.

According to Mr. Tran Anh Thu, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of An Giang province, although facing many difficulties, An Giang always identified pangasius as a key product. In the restructuring of the pangasius industry, it is necessary to go from selecting and creating broodstock to nursing fingerlings and linking to create a closed chain. Form a high-quality farming complex consisting of farmers and enterprises from 800-1,000 hectares

Ngoài xuất khẩu ra, hiện nay các DN tại ĐBSCL đang đẩy mạnh tiêu thụ cá tra tại thị trường nội địa, đặc biệt là phía Bắc. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

Besides exporting, the enterprises in the Mekong River Delta are promoting the consumption of pangasius in the domestic market, especially is the Northern side.

Promoting consumption in domestic

Mr. Tran Anh Thu, The Vice Chairman of the People’Committee of An Giang province said that: After the success of food for the fish breed, the province will invest for the enterprise to rear alevin in membrane house with high technology to add to the chain of pangasius with 3 levels of the province.  Besides that, it is necessary to promote restructure for the market, get back the European market, which focuses on the Russian market and especially is Nothern market in domestic.

Hiện nay chuỗi liên kết sản xuất giống cá tra 3 cấp An Giang đã sản xuất được 12 tỷ cá tra bột và 1,2 tỷ cá tra giống có truy xuất nguồn gốc. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

Today, the chain of linking produce pangasius breed with 3 levels in An Giang produced 12 billion alevins and 1,2 billion pangasius breed that have access to the origin

Mr. Doan Toi, the Chairman of the board cum the General Director Nam Viet ., JSC ( Navico) said that nearly 20 years of developing pangasius but the domestic market almost unfortunately forgotten.

In many years, Nam Viet sold the pangasius to the Northern, average from 100-200 tons each month, toward the order of that enterprise.  From now to the end of the year, Nam Viet striving to sold to the Northern about 1.000 tons finished pangasius product.

According to Mr. Toi, the pork price is very high with 200.000 dongs/kilograms, while the pangasius price only several tens of thousands of dong each kilogram, why not choose fish that is delicious, nutritious, cheap, and easy to eat. This is what should be media promoting the image of pangasius to many domestic consumers.9

Hiện nay Cty CP Nam Việt bán cá tra ra phía Bắc với số lượng khá lớn, trung bình mỗi tháng từ 100 - 200 tấn theo đơn đặt hàng của DN. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

Nowadays, Nam Viet ., JSC sold pangasius to the Northern with big numbers, average from 100-200 tons in accordance with the order of the enterprise

Mr. Dao Ngoc Nam, the Director of An Viet Group( Ha Noi), the partner of Nam Viet company in An Giang that represents the consumption pangasius in the Northern market. According to Mr. Nam, on the trip with The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development to An Giang in this time, the company appreciates the pangasius product is farmed and processed toward the export standard, which is perfect if consumption in the domestic market.  An Viet is a unit that specializes in providing for collective kitchens, while the price of pigs increases, high-quality pangasius products are one of the perfect alternatives.

The Deputy of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development said that the pangasius is the strength of Vietnam, needs to continue to develop priority. The scheme of the pangasius 3 levels in Mekong River Delta is going to the good activity, but it needs to be invested in the infrastructure.

The deputy expressed that to produce pangasius well, need to deploy about in terms of breed genetics, feed, and farming techniques, high technology must be applied, linking domestic consumption and export. An Giang is a lead province in the changing structure of pangasius that brings to good results, The deputy tries to support capital investment in infrastructure for pangasius chain 3 levels.


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