In Eastern medicine, many types of fish mentioned are not dishes but rather to cure diseases (Chinese herbal medicine). The scientist is proved that there are many vitamin D in fish to create the condition to absorb calcium of the body, in addition in the

Finding some methods to develop shrimp farming effectively, solidly after the period of COVID-19 which is especially concerned by shrimp farmers, enterprises, and local. Using maximum digital technology On June 11th, at Soc Trang, the Directorate of Fisheries held a forum "using technique methods and

According to the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (NN and PTNT), the total fishery exploits production in the first quarter of 2020 reached 841 thousand tons, (increasing 1,9% compared with the same last year) which exploits seafood reach 806 thousand tons (increase 2% compared

Adding organic acid in food be considered is an effective method for disease prevention, promoting growth, and decrease coefficients of Feed Conversion Rate (FCR), helping increase productivity in the farming process. However, directly bring organic acid or salt of organic acid into aquafeed, especially industry

Canada has ranks 6 about importing shrimp in Vietnam, accounting for 5,7% Vietnam total export shrimp to markets. Vietnam export shrimp to Canada in the first 4 months of this year still noted a growth rate with 2 numbers although in the COVID-19 pandemic. In

Evaluating the intensive bronze featherback fish farming model after 9 months deployed, initial results show positive results. Cu Chi is a suburban district of Ho Chi Minh city (TP.HCM) that has an East canal water system flows all year, farming fish effectively, include to bronze