[caption id="attachment_3708" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Diatomite improves growth and feed using effeciency of shrimp cultivated in the system of brackish-water biofloc[/caption] The influences of supplementing Diatomite in the brackish water biofloc system for white-leg shrimp farming: White-leg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) plays an important role over the

(TSVN) – Nutrition experts in the US have invented a kind of feed containing 2 microalgae mixtures that help tilapia farmers save their production cost and improve growth at the same time by eliminating fish meal, fish oil. The experts from California Santa Cruz University,

[caption id="attachment_3686" align="alignnone" width="700"] The traditional Banh tet made with pangasius inside[/caption] These are new Banh chung and Banh tet at this Tet holiday, in the context the pork is expensive but pangasius and basa fish must be sold at a low price. In "the

(TSVN) – In two consecutive years, the export of Vietnamese pangasius decreased continuously, especial is in 2020. When the markets are still under pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic and Vietnam's pangasius lose gradually its unique position, finding an opportunity to boost the export of this

The year 2020 passed, leaving damages for many major economies in the world. Vietnam was affected less by the pandemic thanks to extraordinary effort but all aspects like socio-economic, education, national security and defense have undergone many months of upsetting. Vietnam's seafood industry is also

Vietnam – a leading country that supplies pangasius still maintains stable production and export activities because of good control of Covid-19 from the Government. However, exporters are unavoidable to be affected by the pandemic, weak demand in the US, Europe and measures of tightening import