The development of the chain of the fish industry towards closed-loop as today by the Vietnam Pangasius Association called is " the reverse development in the chain", instead of developing integration along the chain to develop markets, competition in foreign, the fish industry integrate back

According to the World Trade Center (ITC), in the first 4 months of this year, Korea imported squid, octopus from 9 markets, including Vietnam is the third of the big supply market. Importing squid, the octopus of Korea in the first 4 months of this

 Importing tuna meat to steam and canned tuna of many markets on the world strongly increased in 5 years over. In this period, the trading activities of tuna products reached the highest in 2019. And although America continuously is a market which has the biggest

Aquaculture, especially in farming shrimp, depends on artemia such as the food source in the period of the breed. The supply source has been meeting the current needs but the expansion still will require replacement and innovation. Aquaculture, especially in farming shrimp, depends on artemia

Large potential affirmative results of Streptomyces strains with the roles are probiotics in aquaculture, specifically is White Shrimp. The importance of intestinal microflora The animal intestine is an important organ to food storage, absorbs nutrition and this is an important role in immunity. The other

Frog is a benign domestic animal that frog meat delicious and nutritious. Nourishing frog is not hard or fussy farming. Therefore, farming frogs increasingly expanding both in area and density. Many households also bravely test the farming frog model and achieve satisfactory results. Here are