Applying high technology in manufacturing not only enhances the value of pangasius but also brings the production strength to sustainable development. In recent years, Vietnam pangasius was facing to many difficulties in production and export due to climate change, fish diseases, and high production cost

In spite of a deep impact from natural disasters and pandemic, the economy of Ca Mau steadily overcomes the difficulties, gradually recovered, maintains the decisive branches of agriculture – fisheries. The efforts to overcome the difficulties The last noticeable drought causes shrimp diseases in the

The development of the chain of the fish industry towards closed-loop as today by the Vietnam Pangasius Association called is " the reverse development in the chain", instead of developing integration along the chain to develop markets, competition in foreign, the fish industry integrate back

In the recent one month, the farmers raising commercial snakehead in Tay Ninh province is very glad since its price was sharply increased after a long time dropping. Affected by the pandemic, especial is the Circular No. 15 of the Government on social isolation, the

According to the Vietnam Commercial Affair in Israel, the trade deficit from Israel has been shortening and dropped to USD 69.6 million in the first 6 months of the year 2020. The trade deficit was declined From the statistic of the Vietnam Commercial Affair in

Each day has 8 tons of pangasius skin to leave in Vietnam and this is a waste product which sold at a low price. The scientists create the technology to extract collagen from waste things to help to increase the value for the fishery industry.