Before each crop, it is necessary to renovate the pond according to the correct technique to bring the best effectiveness and avoid unnecessary damage. Pond bottom drying It is necessary to wash the pond bottom after each crop, pump the sludge into the sludge pond

(TSVN) – To deploy the Fisheries Law 2017, the Government, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have been promulgating the official documents, creating a legal corridor for the management of aquatic breeds closely, improving the quality of breeds. The inspection

TSVN) – Currently, the weather is favorable, fishermen in coastal provinces and cities across the country are busy preparing for a long sea trip. These are the first sea trips of a new year so the fishermen hope for a favorable harvest season under good

Tet is the peak month catching Chinese pangas-catfish, this catfish species has high economic value that can help fishermen "having a well-off life" after a fishing season. The wharf is still immense but the fishermen are unhappy because of the effects of Covid-19 epidemic, the

The information on preventing and treating some common diseases in freshwater fish with herbs. Currently, the overuse of antibiotics in the treatment of aquatic diseases is becoming more and more complicated, this leads to an increasing trend of using herbs to treat aquatic diseases, solve

In 2020, WWF published new instructions to ensure social practice and a better environment in the global supply chain. The detailed plan for shrimp chain in the future is a challenge for businesses and manufacturers to achieve the following targets in 2025: Ensure traceability of