Potechco – a new style of farming management software

Based on the strength of Poseidon, that is goot at aquaculture process, characteristics of the field as well as expertise in information technology and experience of data management, we launched Potechco  as the first product of our company, this is a farming management software in a game interface.


New interface
The interface is in the format of farming game but the data management is still ensured

Online management
Online storage can ensure the safety of data and the management will not be interrupted.

System of reminder and suggestion
The system will suggest the amount of animal feed which is suitabe for treatment regimen, FCR, etc, and remind the daily tasks.


Report system
The reports are fine-tuned so that the users can use it easily with sufficiency of reports like cost, income, FCR, profit, etc.

Partners Link
With a system of purchaser, animal feed, aquaculture medicine, the users can find the output of products easily.