Poseidon software solution Co.,Ltd established in February 2019 with orient to supply software products to farm management in the new type that is combine between data management through the game manipulation.


. With the desire to establish and develop a leading software company in the application of integration between games and management.

. The customer is a realistic ruler, is the most honest and objective assessor of software products. Therefore, the best response about customer demand for software to serve farm processing – Management is the Poseidon criteria set by top.


Brings to new management way
Poseidon hopes to contribute to some solution, the best service products in aquaculture field.

Companion with the farmer
We want our products will companion with the farmer in daily work.

Raising work effectively
With farm management applications combine with our game, it will be highly effective in managing and improving productivity.


Poseidon was founded by young, enthusiastic, and highly qualified technical staff combined with leading experts in the field of aquaculture with the desire to create a farm management product in the best way, the most accessible but still ensure to improve work efficiency for users.