A strong resistance of the fisheries

In spite of a deep impact from natural disasters and pandemic, the economy of Ca Mau steadily overcomes the difficulties, gradually recovered, maintains the decisive branches of agriculture – fisheries.

The efforts to overcome the difficulties

The last noticeable drought causes shrimp diseases in the area of 25,600 hectares but the seafood output of this province still reaches 293,000 tons, 2.3% higher than the last same period. However, the fisheries is in a difficult situation due to the pandemic. The shrimp export turnover was USD 374 million, 12% lower than the last year, and achieves 31% of the plan.

The pandemic in the world is unpredictable and export is still congested. About 19,000 tons is the value of shrimp inventory of the enterprises. This pushes the price down and affects the lives of people. Despite the troubles, Ca Mau province did not change the planned target for economic development, took a great resolve to handle the difficulties ensuring the growth in the current situation.

By training courses of fisheries lately, the models of extensive shrimp farming, improved extensive shrimp farming, intensive shrimp farming, and super-intensive shrimp farming gradually show its effectiveness. Apart from the fisheries, Tran Van Thoi district has the advantage of exploring marine seafood. Currently, the whole district has more than 2,600 fishing facilities and logistical services. In which, almost 1,400 fishing boats with a capacity of 90CV which have long – term fishing capacity; the other 454 boats have the capacity between 20CV and 90CV.

Dam Doi district has favorable natural conditions and great potential for developing an all-round economy, especially is the seafood with 25km of the beach length, it has the big sea pots of Ganh Hao, Ho Gui, Gia Long Den, etc. The area of the fishing round is 5,000 m2 with a large quantity and abundant in species. The whole district has 38,300 hectares raising improved extensive shrimp farming and 2,800 hectares of intensive shrimp farming, super-intensive shrimp farming. Therefore, the district defines shrimp is the major goods, combines with the other kinds of seafood such as crap, blood cockle, etc.

Agricultural officers of the district are standing by to promptly update the seasonal schedule for recommending people in their productivity, especial is for intensive farming and super-intensive farming.

The shrimp of Ca Mau is showing its resistance. The farmer should focus on recommending the season schedule in order to gain a successful crop

The hope from EVFTA

European – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has just been approved by the Europarl (EP) which is expected to be valid from July 2020. It is a hope for exporting Vietnam shrimp to the European market due to the tax reduction.

The import tax of almost the shrimp products to EP will be reduced from 12~20% to 0% after the valid date of the agreement. Therefore, the enterprises in Ca Mau try to catch this opportunity and advantage so that the turnover of shrimp products and some primary processed goods of the province can be increased.

Mr. Nguyen Van Do, The Director of Industry and Trade Department said, “in the future, DOIT will update the situation in the world to advise competent agencies for pushing export the goods which can be took the advantage of export, among of them is shrimp. Besides, DOIT has a plan to take the advantage of the trade agreements (CPTPP, EVFTA, IPA, etc.) in order to expand the market, cooperate for developing socioeconomic”.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai, provincial party secretary – chairman of the provincial people’s committee, request the relevant departments, agencies to monitor closely the developments of the pandemic so that the enterprises run their business prospectively serving for export; improve the management, control strictly the market price including raw shrimp.

By deploying synchronous solutions with the spirit of living with the difficulties, the fisheries of Ca Mau had overcome the difficult situation; Ca Mau’s shrimp has shown its resistance; the fisheries here is a spring which was compressed and now rebound vigorously.


Dat Mui newspaper

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